Speeding Tickets

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Speeding Ticket

The moment you get behind the wheel of a car on a Memphis road you are subject to the traffic laws and city ordinances enforced by highway patrol troopers, police officers, and deputy sheriffs that are patrolling the streets, highways, and freeways. The possible Tennessee traffic crimes that a driver can commit can seem endless, and include:

– Speeding

– Reckless driving

– Passing on the right

– Failure to operate in one lane

– Not obeying traffic signals

– Having a light out such as a tail light, brake light, or headlight

– Expired registration

– Driving without a license

– Driving without insurance

There is a myriad of other laws that you can break while driving your car that can get you pulled over by the authorities, but most often people contact us at Lenagar & Barnes Law for speeding tickets.


There is no way around it, receiving a citation for speeding can ruin your day. When you are given the speeding ticket by the officer that has pulled you over, you will be asked to sign for the ticket. When you sign the traffic ticket, you are agreeing to either pay the ticket or appear in court to dispute the ticket. If you refuse to sign the ticket, the officer can arrest you on the spot.

If you do plan to dispute the ticket, or would like certain arrangements such as avoiding traffic school, it is highly recommended to hire a traffic ticket attorney at Lenagar & Barnes Law.

The speeding ticket lawyers at Lenagar & Barnes Law are prepared to handle your speeding and/or traffic ticket with professionalism and the same attention to detail that we use to handle all of our cases. It is our belief that these citations should be dealt with carefully and by experienced professionals so that they do not affect your long-term driving privileges, or lead to getting your license suspended.

When you hire an attorney at Lenagar & Barnes to represent you, we will appear at court for you on your assigned date and do everything we can to have the charges dismissed or negotiate so that your license status remains unchanged and your insurance premiums do not increase.

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